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Default Re: 9800 GTX display freaking and locking up machine

Before complaining about the NVIDIA driver so much, they should try using some other card. NVIDIA is the only graphics card manufacturer which has a high-performing 3D and 2D driver for Linux (whether open- or closed-source) which supports hardware-accelerated video decoding and suspend/resume. The XOrg Intel driver has suspend and resume support, but its 3D performance is poor (simply because of the chipset) and it does not support video decoding for H264 and VC1. The XOrg ATI driver also supports suspend and resume, and has good 2D performance, but it only supports OpenGL 1.4 and its 3D performance on newer cards can be quite bad. It, too, has no support for hardware video decode acceleration. The ATI fglrx driver has mediocre 2D and 3D performance, and also has no video decode acceleration and no/poor support for power management operations.

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