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Default Ubuntu 9.04 and Nvidia 9800GTX+

I recently built a new PC that can finally run Linux and the Nvidia drivers. I have my Nvidia 9800GTX+ connected to a Sony 50" SRXD HDTV. My resolution is 1900x1080. DVI to HDMI

I am Dual Booting with Windows XP Pro, Windows 7 64bit, and Ubuntu 9.04 64bit. With both versions of Windows, I can use the Nvidia Control Panel to Shrink the Overscan so that the Windows Desktop fits inside the boundaries of the HDTV screen. With the Nvidia Control Panel in Ubuntu, I cannot reduce the Overscan.

There are no adjustments in the HDTV Menu, that I can see, that will help correct this problem.

I have tried playing with Gnome Panels, but I am new to Linux and I do not know much about how to set them up to be useful.

I am using the 180 drivers from the Hardware Drivers menu

My PC specs are as follows

Asus P5Q mobo with Intel Chipset - AMI BIOS
4Gb Corsair Ram
Intel 2.66Ghz Core 2 Quad Q9400 CPU
Nvidia Gforce 9800GTX+ PCI-e Graphics Adapter
WinTV-HVR-1600 TV card
HP MCE 3Ghz P4 m7060n
2Gb Ram
Nvidia Gforce 8400GS PCI

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