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Default Windows 7 to b e more expensive than xp and vista was youre thoughts about that!!!

Well iīd say good bye $ms if it wasnīt due to playing games and stuff, if not iīd be linux allover but sincce no games are developed for linux wich is a mystery for me i canīt go Linux i wouldnīt care a **** ifi didnīt need a windwos but i do and that is a curse if ya ask me

in Sweden the Vista Ultimate was around 5000:- in Swedish currency and if WIn7 is to be even more expensive than Vista was....well then it iwll be for those who are rich or have a vety well paid work.

me iīm not sure iīll ever get to go WIn7 i canīt afford it and this MS says should Hinder the "piracy"/spreading of OSī are they thinking higher price less spreading???

are they out of their minds?

well what do you think of this news?
or maybe you already knew?
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