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Default Re: Windows 7 to b e more expensive than xp and vista was youre thoughts about that!!

Microsoft should know better. Windows 7 is supposed to be their new leaf, but they keep wanting to **** it up, then realizing it and repealing what they said. Another perfect example of this is the Starter Edition and the 3 application limit. There was so much negative buzz about it that they decided to get rid of it, but the thing is, they shouldn't have it in the first place. They don't need to shaft everybody at every opportunity possible.

In this market, software and digital media distributors need to realize that if people don't think that the price of a good is just, they will just pirate it. That's the reality of it. Look at how amazing steam does on their weekend sales. Everybody buys the games because THEYRE PRICED FAIRLY. If anybody running these companies woke up and realized that maybe the solution to piracy depended on them actually pricing things that were reasonable to the common folk they'd have a solved problem. Sure there are some bad eggs that would pirate it anyway, but it would cut down the issue a lot. The problem isn't the consumer, its the corperations refusing to adapt.
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