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Default Re: TF2 - The Sniper Update!

Originally Posted by Mr. Hunt View Post
This is the dumbest update ever. I have been playing constantly and I finally got my first unlock. The Axetinguisher or whatever that crappy axe is called... and of course it was something I already had, just like I had assumed it would be.

GG Valve.
I have stopped playing for now.

It's just STUPID going into a TEAM Fortress server and trying to complete objectives with 7 snipers and 6 spies. No engineers, medics or pyros or heavies to assist.

Valve should never have dropped 2 updates together. They KNOW that all the teams get unbalanced everytime there is an update like this. The spy is definitely the most overpowered class now while others like the soldiers and demos are being crippled further.

Meh, just not very impressed at the moment. Maybe if they actually bothered to fix the facestab and left it fixed instead of diddling with it every other weak and making it worse and worse.
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