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Default Beta 185.18.10: Powermizer FINALLY (mostly) working

Hi all.

I've tried the current Beta 185.18.10 and I really can't believe it. Powermizer is working on a Clevo M570 RU notebook (Geforce 8800M GTX) and throtteling the GPU as expected, meaning 4 total performance status of which all are reached by demand. Normal GUI work makes it run at the lowest level 0, demanding work immediatly makes the GPU run at maximum performance.

Well, only sometimes powermizer doesnt throttle up the card properly making it stay in lowest level even for demanding tasks. So the throtteling code doesn't seem to be perfect yet. Its strange that launching yet another demanding task (even glxgears is enough) will fire up the card to lvl 4, until the driver "thinks" composite is not demanding enough for this level and throttles down the GPU again, making composite run a bit sluggish. Nevermind, even though this is some great success.

So if this version remains stable for a few more days I'm finally ready to admit that I'm really satisfied with NVIDIA Linux support.

Congratulations NVIDIA developers.

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