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Default Re: Xinerama (3 monitors) Double Cursor, GLX Bad Drawable on 2nd wine launch,no termi

Originally Posted by JFMR View Post
Issues 1-3 listed are no longer present. My new setup is:
Glad to read you got it working with the DH2G.

Originally Posted by JFMR View Post
Well it works, the only issue is ghosting
What a pity that the there is no "true" digital version of the DH2G - I wish you
good luck with the DVI to VGA cable.

Originally Posted by JFMR View Post
Only other issue is issue 4, Programs still maximize across 2 monitors.
You can easily fix this, just add the following lines to the screen section
of your xorg.conf:

Option "TwinviewXineramaInfo" "True"
Option "TwinViewXineramaInfoOverride" "1280x1024+0+0, 1280x1024+1024+0, 1280x1024+2048+0"
Originally Posted by JFMR View Post
But good suggestion on the Matrox box. Had I known sooner I could have saved the cost of my 2nd videocard *and* gotten better performance!
Since the maximum resolution you can get out of a single card with Matrox boxes,
is "only" 5040x2100 (3x2x1680x1050@57Hz), I would prefer that the multi-GPU/multi-head
issues would finally get sorted out, but this didn't happened in the last four years and it
doesn't look like that it gets fixed in the next four years ...

BTW.: a MatroxTripleHead2Go Digital Edition can split one DVI output (from the
video card) to operate three LCDs (up to 3x1680x1050=5040x1050). Means:
with a TH2G, you should be able to run your two 8600GTs in SLI mode, then
splitting the video signal to your three 1280x1024 LCDs. The TH2G is quite
expensive, but at least for me, my LCDs typically last for a couple of GPU
generations, so do the TH2Gs and will pay off over time (but YMMV, of course).


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