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Default Re: unable to make Nvidia drivers work.

Originally Posted by smk View Post
I am a Linux and Ubuntu newbie, and I appreciate any assitance that can be provided.

I am running Ubuntu Jaunty (9.04) server. Kernel 2.6.28-11.
With the ubuntu-desktop (gnome) installed
When I follow the instructions on this forum to install the 180.51 drivers, using
sudo sh
Do _not_ install the driver manually on Ubuntu unless you have good reasons to. There is a .deb package you can install without pain and which will work almost out of the box.

Just as a side question: Why do you need a graphical interface on a server, and even worse, why do you need a driver with 3D acceleration for it?

I get the message:"no precompiled kernel interface was found"

"No matching precompiled kernel was found on the NVIDIA ftp site that means that the installer will need to compile a kernel interface for your kernel:

Then it says:
"Unable to find the kernel source tree for the currently running kernel"

"Installation has failed."
The above is from the /var/log/nvidia-installer.log

I have also tried using the Ubuntu hardware drivers GUI, with no sucess.

Question 1:
are the NVIDIA drivers compatible with the Server kernel?
Yes, probably. The nvidia driver is compatible with almost every x86/x86_64er kernel unless it is a XEN or realtime kernel.

Question 2:
there is a pkg0, pkg1, and pkg2 driver file, what is the difference between them and which should be used when?
pkg0 is the plain driver, pkg1 features some precompiled kernel interfaces, pkg2 provides 32 bit compatibility libraries.

Question 3: Plea for help ;-)
I believe I followed all the instructions I have found on these forums and on the Ubuntu forums, I am probably making some beginner mistake. I have tried this multiple times and have even reinstalled the OS multiple times to ensure a clean system. Any and all assistance would be appreciated.

Please use the package provided by Ubuntu.

If you really need to install the driver manually, follow these instructions:

carefully and step by step.

You have to install some additional packages, mainly the package providing the sources of your current kernel.

But as said, please use the .deb instead, if you really need the nvidia driver on a server. (And if it is not a server, why are you using the server kernel)
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