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If they are not mature enough to know to stay out of the enemy camp then they deserve to get tossed out. Especially with a 3 strikes rule and an Open Forum for Debate.

Of course there was my idea for a Flame bait Section where the non banworthy stuff got moved to. Then the offenders could Finish their little diatribe in there.

Here is the issue.

I like to Debate. I Like to really go at it in discussions. The problem is that there are people out there who cant handle the intense discussion. They come and post "I like my new 5600 benmchmarks" or some thing and are immidiately answered by 10 people with something else to say. No its not always ATi people. much of the time these days its people who were staunch Nvidia people until a short while ago.

When this happens the place just feels antagonistic to those people. They see Nvnews on the Door. They See Nvidia on the Furum. However the majority of posters are not happy Nvidia users.

While i like debate, i dont like the fact that nearly every thread gets turned into some intense debate or flame war. Specifically becuase I feel bad for those poor guys who just bought an FX and want to post happy thoughts about it.

Most of the people here post in the Nvidia Forum, not the "Other" Forum. Because most of the topics of interest revolve around Nvidia and whats happening to them today. However its all more like Open Debate about it all, what it means etc, than being strictly relating to Nvidia.

The Central place of Discussion here should be an Open Graphics Forum. Where Nvidias Shenanigans can be debated into the ground right beside Talk of XGi, or the R360. Without The perception that the kelts have crossed over and are attacking the southern Border.
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