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Actually I?ve tried to update the kernel manually by compiling a newer one. That did not run that fine, so I reinstalled the original kernel with Suse Update, same with the sources. I thought that everything would be fine afterwards. But I have to reinstall the nvidia driver and that does not work...

Isn?t there any nvidia pro reading this? A moderator? I?ve got no idea what went wrong but it only seems to be the kernel mismatch, but I don?t know why!

When I try to install the driver with

sh --use-kernel-name="2.4.20-4GB" or something like that, he installs it succesfully, but I still can?t use it in my configuration of XFree86-4.

What informations does anyone need, i?ll give them to you. But I do need help, please.

NVidia Geforce4 4200Ti
AMD Athlon
Suse Linux 8.2
Kernel 2.4.20-4GB-athlon
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