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Default Re: unable to make Nvidia drivers work.

Originally Posted by NvFuchs View Post
Do _not_ install the driver manually on Ubuntu unless you have good reasons to. There is a .deb package you can install without pain and which will work almost out of the box.
So where do I find this .deb package and how do I install it?

Just as a side question: Why do you need a graphical interface on a server, and even worse, why do you need a driver with 3D acceleration for it?
a - as a newbie I wanted the GUI to help with configuration.
b screen is large and I want to configure for 1920x1200
c - not worried about 3D accelerations, just need full 2D for the screen and from reading the forums this seemed like the only way to fully take advantage of what my screen and video card can do.
d - This is my play system that I use to learn and experiment with things. --I am going to use Virtualbox to load multiple OSs, on the server, including, Ubuntu desktop, MS Windows server and desktop OSs.

Please use the package provided by Ubuntu.
Please explain in excruciating detail how I do this. I must have read 50 threads and none of the suggestions worked. (tks)

Thanks for the advice. Looking forward to additional details.
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