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Default Re: unable to make Nvidia drivers work.

Originally Posted by Arup View Post
sudo apt-get install build essentials
When I try this I get an error message:
"E: Counldn't find package build"
I tried it with build-essentials as well, I did find "build-essential" is that what you meant?

Also make sure linux restricted modules are removed from synaptic via complete remove method.
When you say Linux restricted modules, what exactly are you refering to? The NVIDIA provided "proprietary" drivers?

I am sure some of these questions are pretty basic, but I am fairly new to Linux and have spent most of my time in the world of MS. My goal with this system is to learn more about Linux, so please bear with me. :-)

How do I do this from the command line. ( I know how with the gui, but I have the gdm stopped.
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