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Default When nforce630a (MCP68PVNT) is fully suported in linux ?


When will be suported nforce630a (MCP68PVNT) in linux ? I purchased a mobo ASUS M2N-VM HDMI and nothing to detect my sata controller. I am using old drivers to my SATA II hard drive work, but with this i don't exceed 14MB/s transference.

I was thinking about purchase a two new NVidia cards for SLI purposes, but my use would be in linux systems more than windows and with this limitation i think have further limitations under SLI enviroment.

I play Urban Terror and Quake's flavors under my work enviroment for relax purposes.

Nvidia developers can help me ???

Thanks a lot.

P.S: My ethernet controller not work as Gigabit Ethernet, only FastEthernet Full Duplex with some errors.
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