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Default Re: unable to make Nvidia drivers work.

Originally Posted by NvFuchs View Post
In the restricted repositories, usually.

As for the installation: The desktop version of Ubuntu has a GUI for installing restricted drivers, you can use it.
This was the first thing I tried and on reboot I got the error message "unable to load NVIDIA driver."

I don't know whether this comes with the server version as well. If it doesn't, you can install those packages manually.
The server version does not have the desktop by default, but when I installed it, the "hardware drivers" GUI tool was there. I could see the NVIDIA drivers version 180 and 173 but everything was grayed out. I could press activate but the dot to the left of the drivers description still showed grey. When I rebooted I was stuck in a debug,error state, where I had to tell it to boot in low resolution mode. See error above

You have to activate the restricted repositories, then install the

I belive I already had the restricted repositories activated via the GUI tool. But these modules were not installed. Installing now. OK, installed, what do I do next?

package suited for your architecture, then the

nvidia-glx-180 and nvida-glx-180-dev are both on my system. I am asssuming that the "-new" is the version of the drivers.


You can install packages with the "apt-get" command. As you need root privileges you'll have to call apt-get with sudo in front of it.

The syntax would be sudo apt-get install <package> (without the <> of course)

In fact I really recommend that you'll read the basics, especially if you plan to connect this server to the internet with open services. Otherwise you might get a compromised machine.
I think I have the basic basics of Linux and Unix down, I know about sudo and terminal/file system navigation and configuring networking on Ubuntu. The system will be behind a hardware firewall and mostly used inside my home network.

additional related question:
Once I installed the Ubuntu desktop the system booted up into the X GUI by default. How can I configure it to boot to a command line so I can start and stop X manually.

I really appreciate your assistance here.
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