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Default Re: unable to make Nvidia drivers work.

Originally Posted by smk View Post
This was the first thing I tried and on reboot I got the error message "unable to load NVIDIA driver."
Good, because this is the point where you should stop, read the thread on how to report bug reports, execute sudo on a terminal and upload the file here.

You can install the package pastebinit to help you with that.

Because obviously something went wrong, and instead of trying different installation methods we should try to solve the problem you encountered.

additional related question:
Once I installed the Ubuntu desktop the system booted up into the X GUI by default. How can I configure it to boot to a command line so I can start and stop X manually.

I really appreciate your assistance here.
You can take out gdm/kdm/xdm of your default runlevel.

You can either use a GUI for this, or the

sudo update-rc.d -f <initfilename> remove


You find those files in /etc/init.d/, you are searching for either gdm, kdm or xdm.

Afterwards you can start them with

sudo /etc/init.d/<scriptname> start

from a console.

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