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Default Re: unable to make Nvidia drivers work.

Originally Posted by smk View Post
OK, i started the GUI desktop and used the "hardware Drivers' GUI to attempt to activate the NV drivers. Nothing turned green which I think is what it should show if the driver is activated. Grey if not activated. Grey before and after.
I ran the log report tool before and after and saved and renamed the log files.
Do you want them uploaded to this thread?
Yes, please.

Does the Nv in your user name indicate you are with Nvidia?
No, not at all. My Nickname is usually "Fuchs" ((Swiss)german for fox), but it was taken. So I added Nv to the front. The official nvidia devs have the nvidia logo as avatar and "nvidia corp." (or similar) written under the nickname. (There are 3 or 4 of them in this forum)

I am writing this thread from a different system. I will upload the logs in a few min from the system in trouble.
Files attached now.
I will wait for your response before I reboot and get into error and low resolution mode.;
based on past experience when I reboot the error log will show unable to find or run the NVIDIA driver.
It is hard to use the GUI when stuck in 800x600 mode.

Thanks for your continued assistance.
Unfortunately it is near midnight here, so I guess I'll answer tomorrow.

Kind regards

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