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Default Re: Interesting Sweeney Interview - Comment on Crysis

There's no money in PC exclusives anymore... not with production costs what they are for AAA titles. There's a reason STALKER is being milked like crazy and Crytek is going to consoles... these companies need to make money.

That said, I disagree with his statement that you can't make something Crysis-level and then scale it back for console. You CAN do that, it's just time consuming, which is why few do it. There's no reason Fallout 3 couldn't have had even further detail levels and higher-res versions of the textures... the reason it did not was because that's a good deal of effort to go through for 2% of the audience... plus, if GTA4 and Crysis are anything to go by, providing super high-end settings like that just angers people who can't run the game on max.
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