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Default Re: Interesting Sweeney Interview - Comment on Crysis

Originally Posted by NarcissistZero View Post
There's no money in PC exclusives anymore... not with production costs what they are for AAA titles. There's a reason STALKER is being milked like crazy and Crytek is going to consoles... these companies need to make money.
hahaha you made me laugh. Crytek wrote about getting back Crysis production costs when they sold about 500 000 games. They also made some good money from engine. That is what one of Crytek's developer wrote on crymod forum. They sold more than 1 milion ages ago. You just belive this console hype propaganda and BS that on PC there is no money : (

Hahaha and yeah consoles have super cell power so you can make virtual earth... hey it's just thing of time.
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