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Default Re: Interesting Sweeney Interview - Comment on Crysis

Originally Posted by SH64 View Post
Out of curiosity, do you know that by experience (i.e. you have programming background?).
It's common sense... Crysis itself can be run on a damn old system on low settings... the Xbox has a great processor and a decent video card... it could run Crysis on medium probably, or low/medium, at 720p or near there. The key is that in order to make it look its best on console, then also provide a well optimized PC version, you need to spend more time catering to each platform's strength. The reason GTA4 got so much crap on PC was because it was built for consoles and not modified much for PC, which resulted in poorer performance than neccessary... the reverse would be true for Crysis, without significant time spent carering the engine to console architecture (which is exactly what they have done for Cryengine 3).

hahaha you made me laugh. Crytek wrote about getting back Crysis production costs when they sold about 500 000 games. They also made some good money from engine. That is what one of Crytek's developer wrote on crymod forum. They sold more than 1 milion ages ago. You just belive this console hype propaganda and BS that on PC there is no money : (
I'm glad you found it funny... yes, Crysis made a profit and was PC only. That doesn't mean 5 million more sales is something they don't want.
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