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Default Re: 4 monitors, two cards, twinview, center on monitor

Originally Posted by JaXXoN View Post
You could use Xinerama in order to move windows amongst screens,
but then you would loose Compiz, AFAIK.

BTW.: your description is a little bit confusing to me: my understanding is that
you use using two cards, both in twinview mode and xinerama disabled.
This allows you to maximize windows per LCD and moving them across
(twinview) screen boundaries? When using four separate screens (one
LCD per screen), then you are loosing the ability to move windows across
screen boundaries?



Could you please send a full nvidia-bug-report.log?

I am in the process of doing something very similar. Until yesterday, I was using a GeForce 9600 GT and a 6200 (PCI).

I have four monitors (2 x Acer 223W (the same one that he has), 2x Dell 1801FP). I am planning on wall mounting the monitors which would give me more freedom in setting up my display. I currently want to use this type of setup:

[ 18 ] [  23  ][  23  ][ 18 ]
Unfortunately I have not been able to accomplish this yet in a manner to my liking. I have tried a large variety of software configurations (and I am saving an detailing all of the options, changes, etc, as individual xorg.conf files). At the moment, I can successfully run the setup above with Xinerama and Compiz disabled, defining the outer screens as separate X screens and the inner two as TwinView.

After a few moments of achieving this setup with my old cards (9600 and 6200), the 6200 literally fried. I wasn't monitoring the temperatures, but I presume they got very hot, very fast. The GPU chip literally exploded in only about 30 seconds after attempting to play a movie (not HD) on one of the exterior monitors. I would *really* like to know how this happened, or why, and I want to be sure it won't happen again.

I then upgraded my cards, leapfrogging a new 9800 GT over the 9600.

Anyway, If I switched to another configuration:
  [ 18 ][ 18 ]
[  23  ][  23  ]
Then, like the above poster, I *could* use two instances of TwinView. Unfortunately TwinView doesn't seem to allow configuration of monitors whose virtual configuration aren't touching one-another.

Given my experience, I interpret the above poster's problems to be emanating from some feature of Compiz allowing him/her to maximize to a particular monitor (as opposed to the entire TwinView screen). I haven't attempted to use Compiz yet (for several reasons, including not wanting to explode any more video cards), but I assume he experiences the same problems we all have when using more than two monitors and TwinView. In my case, all windows are centered between the two (23) monitors and maximized to the two (23) monitors. In addition, the gnome login screen is similarly configured.

He is probably still having the mouse cursor stick issue, and I would imagine that he can not move windows between his two TwinView monitors (no Xinerama), as I cannot.

I am experiencing some annoyances that I didn't think would occur, such as having difficulty starting programs on one screen and leaving them on that screen.

Anyway, I'll continue to read these threads and I'll post my own so I can be more comprehensive.

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