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Default Re: 9800 GTX display freaking and locking up machine

Originally Posted by thefirstm View Post
Before complaining about the NVIDIA driver so much, they should try using some other card.
That is exactly what I am going to do. The grass is greener on the other side when the card WORKS. I don't care how slow the 3D is or what version of OpenGL it supports, if it is freezing the machine what is the sense in having it?

And it is very well known that nvidia creates fake fan support for its products to sell cards. I don't care what the name is on the card as long as it works. I have used nvidia cards for the last ten years and never had issues, so I've never had to look for help. Now that I know what kind of support nvidia offers its customers (look at all the posts here that never even get replied to) I will never buy anything nvidia again, and I will never put anything nvidia in a system I build for someone again. People pay good money for these products, they should at least work. They don't have to be perfect, the drivers don't have to be as flawless as windows drivers, but they should work. And I see a lot of people online with this card, and they don't work.
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