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Default Re: VDPAU error "NNNN 60 5" and "NNNN 43 5"

i'm having the VDPAU nvidia: Error detected 1030 43 5.

We currently have hundred of evga 8400gs card on the field. It was working at the beginning and still working with the older card. The new batch of card doesn't work anymore, both card look exactly the same with the exception of the memory chip. The one that are working are mark with (752 or 749 on it ). And the one with 813 and 816 doesn't work. ( Samsung Memory ).

1) Does this problem reproduce on the latest drivers; please try both 180.41 and 185.13

Tested with 180.06, 180.22, 185.18.10

2) Please try upgrading your system BIOS (see motherboard/PC manufacturer)

Up to date

3) Please try upgrading your video BIOS (see motherboard/PC manufacturer for integrated GPUs, see video card manufacturer for plugin cards)


4) Does the problem happen 100% of the time. Does it only happen after hibernate/resume, or after cold power cycles and reboots too?

All The Time

5) Are you running any OpenGL applications (or compositing managers) or any other applications that use video (Xv) or VDPAU? Can you try starting a bare X server (e.g. choose a cut-down X session from the X display manager, or quit X, log in via SSH, start X by running "sudo X", then run your VDPAU application from SSH too)

Running fine Under Xv. But fail with VDPAU. Same result on bare X.

6) Do you have any unusual PCI cards plugged in. Does the issue occur if you remove them?

no other PCI card.

7) Have you overclocked any of your CPU, RAM, or video card? Does the issue occur if you don't?


8) Anything else different/unusual about your setup?

No, tested on Intel E1200 and E1400 CPU on different Box.

9) Do you see any messages in your system log of the form "NVRM: Xid: ..."

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