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Default Re: unable to make Nvidia drivers work.

Originally Posted by smk View Post
So a few more newbie questions.
I gather that Ubuntu is different from other distributions related to the restricted drivers in that they put them in the repository and automate the install process. Am I correct in this?
Yes, plus the whole package management is different. Some have debian bases packages (.deb), mostly together with apt/aptitude.

Some have red hat package management (rpm), with yum or other tools.

Then there is gentoo with portage/paludis, there is arch with it's own system etc.

Originally Posted by smk View Post
So how does the Nvidia driver get from the nvidia developers to the Ubuntu repository?
Well, usually the drivers are taken from the ftp, and then somebody builds a ubuntu package out of it. I don't know the whole procedure including testing etc., as I am not that into Ubuntu (even though I am supporter in a semi-official Ubuntu forum)

Originally Posted by smk View Post
How does the one in this ppa differ from what will end up on the Ubuntu main restricted repositories?
When you are lucky and the guy who built it (the one offering it in the PPA): there is not a big difference, despite the fact that the one in the PPA is newer. Good built packages respect the way Ubuntu handles drivers, so there is no big difference. It is not an official package, and you wont get support if it breaks your system.

Plus a person could get you to install malicious software that way, as packages in PPAs are not tested / reviewed.

Originally Posted by smk View Post
I guess I am concerned that once I have this working, and Ubuntu pushes out a security or other kernel patch, or an update to Nvidia, will it break my install?
Updates should not be a problem, apt should always get the most recent version of a package available (if it or a dependency of it is not blocked)

Kernel updates should (I might be wrong on that) not break anything when you install packages from a PPA, but they definitely break things when you install manually with the installer. (You'll have to rebuild after each kernel update)


You are welcome, I hope it works (as I am off to bed soon)

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