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Default Re: I need a single slot pci exhaust blower but not the generic type

Originally Posted by hokeyplyr48 View Post
you don't like any of those?
The AzenX Blitztorm System Slot Cooler would be great if I could find a dealer in the UK

Ive just this second turned on the pc with the 8800gt in the lower pci-e slot with a regular pci blower and a fan in the drive bay pointing down towards it,
Temps are good but I reckon a bit of physx and it might get too warm for my liking.

I Like the push pull the AzenX has ,I might just use the regular blower and another fan for the push...

Originally Posted by hokeyplyr48 View Post
could you be more specific...
Ideally I'd like a unit like a regular pci blower but longer (maybe adjustable) and with a larger fan but still single slot ,kthnx.
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