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Default Re: Windows Vista SP2 Released

Originally Posted by S.SubZero View Post
If you're having lockups at this point, I'd call the hardware into question. Either a faulty/very incompatible device, a bad overclock, or a bad driver. The vast majority of systems out there are well past the "OS randomly locking up" days. Regular systems running mainstream operating systems simply don't DO that anymore.
Don't overclock. Newest official release drivers for all components. System is rock solid under XP 64. I've had a few hangs with the game explorer, Firefox and Explorer (not IE). And its not the whole OS, its only the shell or certain apps.

I don't know if its a driver, the fact I have an X-Fi, or what, but I just don't have these problems under XP 64. I'm not necessarily blaming Vista, but the combination of components just don't as well for my configuartion under Vista as it does for XP.

Disk I/O performance still isn't as good as XP 64, but I'll get over it.
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