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Default Thinkpad T61p with nVIDIA FX570M fails to restore from suspend/hibernate on 180.51

Hi there,

Currently running RHEL 5.3, Gnome, and 180.51, and I am unable to reliably restore from a suspend or hibernate with the 180.51 ... I did not that there is a quirk file entry for the model (yet the Xorg output shows that it can't find the proper driver file for it ...)

Any help?


---- See below for detail ----

[root@whitestar ~]# lshal | grep video
system.hardware.primary_video.product = 1036 (0x40c) (int)
system.hardware.primary_video.vendor = 4318 (0x10de) (int)

I did notice this error in the Xorg.log, in which there was nothing listed (no stat files)

(WW) NVIDIA(0): ACPI: Error: Unable to find the DOS (Enable/Disable output
(WW) NVIDIA(0): switching) file path under /proc/acpi/video. The NVIDIA X
(WW) NVIDIA(0): driver will not be able to respond to ACPI display change
(WW) NVIDIA(0): hotkey events.


(--) PCI:*(1:0:0) nVidia Corporation unknown chipset (0x040c) rev 161, Mem @ 0xd6000000/24, 0xe0000000/28, 0xd4000000/25, I/O @ 0x2000/7

[root@whitestar share]# grep 40c /usr/share/hal/fdi/information/10freedesktop/21-video-quirk-pm-el5-nvidia.fdi
<match key="system.hardware.primary_video.product" int_outof="0x190;0x191;0x192;0x193;0x194;0x195;0x1 96;0x197;0x198;0x199;0x19a;0x19b;0x19c;0x19d;0x19e ;0x19f;0x400;0x401;0x402;0x403;0x404;0x405;0x406;0 x407;0x408;0x409;0x40a;0x40b;0x40c;0x40d;0x40e;0x4 0f;0x420;0x421;0x422;0x423;0x424;0x425;0x426;0x427 ;0x428;0x429;0x42a;0x42b;0x42c;0x42d;0x42e;0x42f;0 x600;0x601;0x602;0x603;0x604;0x605;0x606;0x607;0x6 08;0x609;0x60a;0x60b;0x60c;0x60d;0x60e;0x60f;0x610 ;0x611;0x612;0x613;0x614;0x615;0x616;0x617;0x618;0 x619;0x61a;0x61b;0x61c;0x61d;0x61e;0x61f;0x620;0x6 21;0x622;0x623;0x624;0x625;0x626;0x627;0x628;0x629 ;0x62a;0x62b;0x62c;0x62d;0x62e;0x62f;0x640;0x641;0 x642;0x643;0x644;0x645;0x646;0x647;0x648;0x649;0x6 4a;0x64b;0x64c;0x64d;0x64e;0x64f;0x6e0;0x6e1;0x6e2 ;0x6e3;0x6e4;0x6e5;0x6e6;0x6e7;0x6e8;0x6e9;0x6ea;0 x6eb;0x6ec;0x6ed;0x6ee;0x6ef">

[root@whitestar video]# ls
[root@whitestar video]# pwd

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