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Default Re: What decent games are coming out in the near future?

Originally Posted by jAkUp View Post
BioShock2, Ghostbusters, Wolfenstein, Starcraft2, Rage?, Call of Duty MW2, Operation Flashpoint2, Dues Ex3?
BioShock2, Call of Duty MW2 ... eek nov 2 and nov 10 at best...
Ghostbusters, Wolfenstein.... yuk, these look gay to me...
Rage... I'll never trust ID again after D3, will wait for many reviews and opinions on this site
Starcraft2... could be good don't see any date for this so doubt near future...
Dues Ex3... doesn't even show in Gamespot, not a good sign...
Operation Flashpoint2... hmm another war game... looks decent though... +1;prev

Overall gotta say I'm pretty disappointed, I hope a bunch of new titles appear around thanks giving... I don't seen any classic rpgs

Thanks for the info though...

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