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Default Reinstalling userland only (without taking X11 down)

I need to reinstall the userland parts of the nvidia drivers, namely the *.so files.

(An OS upgrade overwrote some of them).

I want to do so without taking the X11 server (which still works fine because it was started when the NVidia stuff was intact) down.

This should be easy using this commandline:
Code: --expert \
  --no-precompiled-interface \
  --accept-license --no-questions \
  --no-x-check \
But it isn't. Although I told the drivers to not mess with the kernel module, the install program still aborts because the module is loaded.

I can't seem to find an option to just install the userland.

This looks like a bug to me, I think the --no-kernel-module option should also ignore whether a module is currently loaded or not.

I will also need this "userland-only" option in the future to update chroots. I have a number of chroots, some of them I want to be able to use X11 with DRI. Obviously, when running the NVidia drivers in a chroot you can't have it do anything but userland updates.

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