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Default 185.18.14: X-Server hangs and crashes...


Just gave 185.18.14 a whirl and it is totally unusable on my machine at least. X starts but switching to the VT and back results in a black screen and a hanging X server which needs some magicrq convincing to die. Every further attempt to start the X server results in a black screen (and magicrq convincing). If you do not switch to the VT and back when the X server comes up right after system boot up and you start KDE4.2, KDE disables composite effects because allegedly those were too slow. Manually reactivating them results in a X hang (with again magicrq convincing).

On the very same system, 185.18.10 runs without a hitch- except for the known bugs naturally which should be fixed with 185.18.14 according to the changelog.

I have attached a bug report, even though I doubt it is of much use. It's done with 185.18.10 for obvious reasons. The Xid messages from 185.18.14 did not happen every time I tried by the way.

Thanks in advance for taking care of this!

Hoping for a good next release,
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