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Default PC gaming hardware sales better than consoles

JPR said that the market for PC hardware is so robust that it will actually top the amount of money consumers spend on console gaming hardware (HDTV, accessories and the console itself) by nearly $2 billion this year.
“PC gaming systems seem to have suffered the least discounting [as a result of the recession,] which illustrates the value consumers place on such systems,” JPF said in a statement.

The report split the 'PC gaming hardware' revenues -- actually a percentage of each PC system's revenue based on the consumer's wish to play games on it -- into three areas: Enthusiast, Performance, and Mainstream for both desktop and the newly emerging notebook category.

It was designed to outline the distribution of branded sales (HP, Alienware, etc), non branded ("White box"), aftermarket component sales and DIY sales, as well as peripheral sales of gaming components.

Game playing-specific PC market sales based on the the consumer's gaming predilection -- which includes a percentage for the monitor, accessories and the PC itself – reached $20.07 billion in 2008, JPR found. The firm expects sales to decline 7 percent in 2009 to $18.66 billion in 2009.

JPR said that PC gaming continues to do relatively well despite the recession because “people are staying home more, less movies, less dinners out, postponed vacations, and turning to other forms of entertainment. PC gaming is a very economical form of entertainment. A $50 game can provide hundreds of hours of play, and it's not uncommon for players to replay a game.”

The firm added, “Also, purchases of a PC for gaming can be shared since the machine can be used for watching (and creating) videos, as well as office work and web browsing, something consoles can't offer.”
yeah PC is dying, right
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