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Default FB Console or Direct FB

i have read the readme and whatnot, and posts here, but i have yet to see any info aobut DirectFB support (for say, the qt_fb or the gtk_fb ports). i know the docs say not to use the rivafb driver with the nvidia driver, and that is easy enough to do... but i would love if the nvidia driver would then also work as a framebuffer driver so i can have highrez vidmodes on my console and use the directfb stuff that is comming down the line.

i know that vesafb works (sometimes) with the driver.. and untill i started playing with the 2.6 kernel and 2.6 series patches for the nvidia driver everything was fine... since 2.6 i cant have a fbconsole and have the nvidia driver work at the same time...

any comments from the nvidia guys i have missed?
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