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Default Re: PC gaming hardware sales better than consoles

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
More computers in the world then the entire lifespan of console gaming... what did you expect? They are comparing general computer hardware aswell as PC Gaming hardware vs just console....

Now lets look at sales figures for actual software... 1 Million Crysis sold vs 8 million Halo 3's...

PC Gaming isn't dying, but rather losing primary focus from developers due to them migrating where the money is at.
It's interesting that you said halo 3 and not killzone 2. lulz!
Also, crysis...made by crytek, who are rapidly expanding and just bought a UK based CONSOLE developer after their ps3 exclusive failed to recoup production costs.

Also console game prices are regulated more. Why spend all the time on PC to sell 1 million copies at $40 a piece when you can sell more copies at $60 a piece? Granted MS/Sony take a cut of that, but still it generates more revenues.
"next gen" consoles are losing developers and publishers vast amounts of money. When EA of all companies is posting loss after loss then something is very wrong.
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