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Default Re: PC gaming hardware sales better than consoles

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Another faggot. Go read first than post. Developer got less money from console game than the same game but in Pc version. Publishing and producing PC game costs are much lower and you don't need to pay tax for MS and Sony. MS and Sony propaganda is making **** with your heads.

You are all about numbers and proud? aren't ya? Mass produced dreams by whoose got the biggest the most powerfull the uber best piece of plastic under their HDTVs. Bunch of little kids with whos got cooler bike, I got headache caused by your shouting.
You should read the article yourself before posting...
Game playing-specific PC market sales based on the the consumer's gaming predilection -- which includes a percentage for the monitor, accessories and the PC itself reached $20.07 billion in 2008, JPR found. The firm expects sales to decline 7 percent in 2009 to $18.66 billion in 2009.
The profits they are claiming are including EVERYTHING PC Based, from monitors to the entire PC Unit. It is not a fair comparison... If you included HDTV Sales in with console sales it would be bigger but Console numbers only include actual console software/hardware sales. Again your comparing a smaller industry to a much much larger one.

fizzelopeguss, EA and every other major publisher has not announced any loss... just that they made less then they expected, never have they gone into the Red. Activisions Net Revenue for 2008 was almost double that of 2007... yeah im sure their hurting... If nextgen consoles were losing developers and publishers so much money they wouldn't support the platforms but their doing the opposite, they are increasing their support... Grow a brain...

Oh and crytek bought a company that failed with an exclusive that wasn't good... yeah... lets all buy failures, thats a winning business strategy. Free Radical is a developer caught in the past, they couldn't adapt to the new generation of game design and programming... if you played Hazed you would see how old the game looked even though it was released just last year.

Oh and another about Crytek... Their next game is going console... that says alot of where they see their own future. So don't pretend that they are PC's Golden Knight.

MaxFX, You are correct... I do think you know nothing. You all keep spouting stupid comments and posting stupid things. Like the opening post... it's an article on something that didn't need to be discussed since we knew it already. The PC Market is bigger then the Console Market.