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Default Re: PC gaming hardware sales better than consoles

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Just remember what devs took care of their PC gaming customers and did not consolize their game to make a quick buck when the cycle comes back around.

I'm not saying PC customers are any better then console customers. Hell, console customers should want the same thing. If you're going to sell me a product then support the damn thing, I could care less if you made X more $$ on Y platform you sold me something now show some respect.

Sorry grumpy today ......
I think Developers are taking care of their customers as best as they can. Games in general are starting to cost alot. Patching and adding free content does not generate revenue and help with their next game development. It has come down to big publishers funding development so they get only so much resources to spread around.

But look at games like Call of Duty, Burnout and Halo (or other popular online games), I think they are supported great and possibly as good as past titles.