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Default missing xf86config options?

one of the things included with the windows driver for multi-monitor people is the ability to totally rotate a monitor... like 90, 180, and 270 degrees... and there dosent seem to be that ability in the nvidia driver...

here is the thing... i run 2 monitors... one at 1280x1024 and the other at 1024x768... under windows, i would just roate the second one, so i had an seemless screen that was all 1024 high... under linux i am cannot rotate and am forced to use the (ick) virtual desktop functions (which do work well, by the way, it is just an ugly soloution).

what i would love is somehting like
"Option" "MonitorRotation" "1" "270"

so i could keep using the twinview function of the nvidia driver, option tells X of an option, MonitorRotation is the option, 1 is the screen number (zero being the first) and 270 is the rotation amount (it could also be 0,1,2,3: 0 for no rotation, 1 for 90, 2 for 180... cause if someone only rotated 75 degrees, there wouldnt be much point, would there?

any idea's?
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