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Default Re: Xine vdpau announcement

Originally Posted by james321 View Post
Hi. I'm getting picture errors on tv1000hd channel when using vdpau. All other h264 channel works fine. I have 8400gs(g98) with 512mb ram. I'm using nvidia 185.19 drivers on 64-bit ubuntu 9.04 and xine-1.2 with vdpau-261 patch.
I uploaded a sample to
It was recorded with vdr-1.6.0 and it plays perfectly using "xine -V xv". I'm getting same errors on vdr-1.7.7 so it's not a problem with vdr version.
There are two issues with these clips. One is a VDPAU issue. We've developed a fix and it should appear in a driver release soon.

However, even with the VDPAU fix, xine doesn't decode the clips correctly, even though MPlayer does. This indicates that there's also some problem with the DPB or picture parameters that xine is providing to VDPAU.
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