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Default Re: PC gaming hardware sales better than consoles

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
Activisions Net Revenue for 2008 was almost double that of 2007... yeah im sure their hurting...
activision aquired blizzard at the end of 07.

If nextgen consoles were losing developers and publishers so much money they wouldn't support the platforms but their doing the opposite, they are increasing their support... Grow a brain...
they don't have a choice, the tech and expertise that they've sunk into 360/PS3 development is worthless on the wii.

Oh and another about Crytek... Their next game is going console... that says alot of where they see their own future. So don't pretend that they are PC's Golden Knight.
lol, it was you who brought up crysis in your troll post. You were implying that crysis sold poorly (with 1 month sales figures, versus halo3's LTD?) when infact the game has allowed crytek to expand quite rapidly. I also find it unlikely that Sony and MS will be bundling crysis 2 with their consoles the way GPU manufacturers have with cryteks past games.

It'd be a shame if crytek neglects a market that has been very good to them over the years to search for a quick console buck that may or may not be there for them.

The PC Market is bigger then the Console Market.
Yup, so what was all the trolling for then?
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