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Default Re: Some questions before downgrading to 7xxx series cards.

Hi mooninite, thank you very much for the response.

The 9500GT looks like a pretty decent cards for me, the very same specs you gave cost about $113 in here. That's out of my budget. The only cards I may afford is the DA 9500GT, with only 800Mhz Memory Clock, and 550Mhz Engine Clock.

I read some review about the 7200/7300 before, they seems can run the Vista Aero without problems, and so is my 8400, that's why I'm considered to buy such low end cards. I only need desktop cards (for compiz), not gaming. And I keep thinking, the bad performance culprit in Linux is because of the drivers, because I had no problem running Aero using this very same rig.

BTW, does the 9xxx series cards have same driver's performance issue as the 8xxx series cards?

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