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Default Re: Dell XPS 1530 fingerprint reader for Windows 7

Originally Posted by hokeyplyr48 View Post
I've downloaded the drivers from the dell site for vista x64 and they say that no fingerprint reader is installed. A friend of mine from school who I no longer can talk to had his fingerprint reader working on windows 7 so I know it is possible.

Does anyone know where the drivers are?

EDIT: and the software on the upek website, the beta that they're talking about, doesn't work on any build after 7100. So I can't use that either...
biometrics drivers are a pain in win7

I have the same laptop, with win7 builds after 7100, there is only one way to get it to work.

Install Win7 7100, install the upek beta win7 drivers for win7 7100, and then upgrade your win7 to later builds. Long process, but that is only way.

Vista drivers worked fine till build 7068, biometrics changed in win7 which made the drivers not compatible.

After the upgrade process from 7100 to 7137, Upek app will stay, but you will have to go to device manager and reinstall upek driver again.

Contacting upek for help will not help, they will respond by saying if you proof that you are official MS tester they will send you newer version.
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