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Default Re: Some questions before downgrading to 7xxx series cards.

Originally Posted by MilkToastHoney View Post
BTW, does the 9xxx series cards have same driver's performance issue as the 8xxx series cards?
I run that same 9500GT, a 9650M GT, and a 9800 GTX+ and I've never seen compiz, vdpau, or 3D issues. However, I have a 8600 GT at work, and I don't see any problems with it either. The first cards run the 185.xx driver, and the 8600 is running the 180.xx driver. I also have a 5200 FX (173.xx driver) and see "sluggish" compiz performance, but I still use it.

I have a 7200 card in case you are wondering. It's slow as sin in everything. You'd be right back on this forum saying "180xx driver 7 series performance sucks" if you bought one yourself. I also have a 7950GT. Ran compiz and 3D fine. I bought the 9800GTX+ to replace it for VDPAU reasons,.

Expect slow performance from the bottom line cards. Switching around from one series or the other won't help you. Compiz uses a GL context (3D) of your video card. You need a fast card with at least 128-bit wide memory buses. Buying a low-end card with 64-bit buses isn't going to fix your problem. If you must have a 7 series, at least buy a 7600 or 7950. Hopefully they are still cheap for you... since they haven't been made in a couple of years.
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