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Default Re: Asus GTX295 Mars

Originally Posted by Dazz View Post
It's dual slot, uses the same cooler as the 295 refrence model as such dual slot, only diffrence is the PCB which has more memory chips, 2GB per card for a total of 4GB.
Are you sure? Judging by the inset of the fan, it looks like it is wider than a standard GTX 295, because with the regular 295, the fan was almost flush with the outside shroud. This asus model is bowed above the fan, making it appear to be more than 2 slots. Also, the original article from SweClockers when translated says :

"The newcomer is slightly higher than the regular Geforce GTX 295 and still takes up an extra slot. The radiator has been adapted to the new design and Asus, in that there is more space between the circuit boards to make it possible to install more cooling devices in the post. "

Now the first item I highlighted could be construed two different ways, with the "extra" slot being extra above the standard 1 slot, or extra above the 2 slots expected with the 295. It's hard to tell because something may have been lost in translation. Nevertheless, I think the second part is fairly clear, meaning the risers sepperating the two PCBs are father apart. On the regular 295, they were pretty much as far apart as possible to fit in a two slot design. This fact, coupled with the curved shape of the ASUS cooler made me assume it would take more than 2 slots.

Finally, the addition of extra memory chips along with the increased height of the PCB makes it seem less likely a standard cooler would work, since it wouldn't be covering all of the card. I could be wrong though, and I hope I am.
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