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Default Re: Some questions before downgrading to 7xxx series cards.

Hi mooninite,

I just came home from the computer mall in my town, and saw some offer for 9600GT card, here's the specs.
It is cost about $104, and I just thought, "Okay, let's spend some money for nice GPU sometimes". And I bought it. It was way beyond my budget, but I think it would worth the money.

Now I just done replacing the old card with this one.
Compiz animation feels a lot smoother, but it still jerky when I have more than 3 or 4 windows opened. Well, I think it is the driver in the first place that needs to be fixed, not the hardware, lol.

Here's some shots:

I have some question about this new card, the specs says:
- Memory Clock: 1800Mhz
But the nvidia-settings shows only 900Mhz, any ideas?

mooninite, I appreciate your detailed suggestion and inputs, thank you very much.
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