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Default Re: Some questions before downgrading to 7xxx series cards.

Originally Posted by MilkToastHoney View Post
Hi mooninite,

I just came home from the computer mall in my town, and saw some offer for 9600GT card, here's the specs.
It is cost about $104, and I just thought, "Okay, let's spend some money for nice GPU sometimes". And I bought it. It was way beyond my budget, but I think it would worth the money.

Now I just done replacing the old card with this one.
Compiz animation feels a lot smoother, but it still jerky when I have more than 3 or 4 windows opened. Well, I think it is the driver in the first place that needs to be fixed, not the hardware, lol.

Here's some shots:

I have some question about this new card, the specs says:
- Memory Clock: 1800Mhz
But the nvidia-settings shows only 900Mhz, any ideas?

mooninite, I appreciate your detailed suggestion and inputs, thank you very much.
900Mhz is the real clock speed, 1800Mhz is the effective clock speed.
There are just two different ways to report the clock speed. For marketing reasons most vendors just display the effective clock speed.

So conclusion is: Nothing is wrong with your clock speed.
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