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Default Re: Need help removing virus (Downloader.Generic8.APEH)

On a different PC, download and burn a rescue disk:

Dr. Web:
(be sure to update and select to clean/delete files, default is log only I believe)



Any one of the above should be sufficient.

Download malwarebytes, superantispyware, and comodo internet security and burn to a CD.

Once, you've got that done follow these steps:

1) Boot from CD using rescue disk of choice.
2) Update (if available), select what to do with files, run scan.
3) Reboot into windows, install Comodo (be sure to uncheck the boxes for the Ask toolbar if you don't want it).
4) If able, update both program and virus definitions (will take a long time the first time).
5) Once comodo is updated, scan, kill, and lock baddies down.
6) Once Comodo has handled its business, install malwarebytes and superantispyware.
7) *optional reboot* Scan with malwarebytes and superantispyware
8) Reboot and test system

If you are still having issues or Comodo is being constantly triggered, there is probably a rootkit.

Tutorial on Comodo:

To help avoid this in the future: OpenDNS

Should help versus established stuff; nothing can help click/download happy users against 0-day threats or bad P2P files. Well, Comodo can but they will probably just click allow there as well.

Good Luck.
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