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Default Re: 180.60 & High CPU

Thanks, but I'm running 185.18.10 . This has happened to me every driver rev since 180.29. When I downrev to .29 the problem goes away. But the Myth VDPAU patch now won't let me downrev that far, so I'm in trouble.

After much research I find that a mismatch of framerates can cause this exact problem, and indeed mine are mismatched. nvidia-settings says my laptop monitor hardware (HP 8710w) is 1680x1050 @ 59.88Hz refresh. (nvidia-settings|GPU-0|DFP-0) However X is setting my video output to 1680x1050 @ 50Hz. (K|Settings|Peripherals|Display) The display is fine, but this mismatch is supposed to degrade performance over time.

I have tried many different settings disabling EDID, setting HorizRefresh and Modelines, but I only end up with a blank screen when I restart X. The logfile says, "No valid modes for '1680x1050'; removing", no matter what app I use to generate the modeline. I've tried setting HorizRefresh to 59.88 and 60, always getting a blank screen.

One thing I don't understand is wherefore 1050? This is not divisible by 8. Shouldn't it be 1048, or 1056?

The only way I ever get video is if I allow EDID to take effect and override my settings, which sets me down at 50Hz. And this only happens with nVidia drivers after .29. Apparently I am doing New Science though.
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