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Default Re: 180.60 & High CPU

Originally Posted by Quantumstate View Post
Thanks, but I'm running 185.18.10 . This has happened to me every driver rev since 180.29. When I downrev to .29 the problem goes away. But the Myth VDPAU patch now won't let me downrev that far, so I'm in trouble.

After much research I find that a mismatch of framerates can cause this exact problem, and indeed mine are mismatched. nvidia-settings says my laptop monitor hardware (HP 8710w) is 1680x1050 @ 59.88Hz refresh. (nvidia-settings|GPU-0|DFP-0) However X is setting my video output to 1680x1050 @ 50Hz. (K|Settings|Peripherals|Display) The display is fine, but this mismatch is supposed to degrade performance over time.
No refresh rates reported via randr are just wrong when dynmictwinview is enabled.

That means nvidia-settings does show you your correct frame rates, while the other tools just read it wrong.

So you are just making things up, whatever your issue is it is unrelated to your displays refresh rate.
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