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Default Re: unable to make Nvidia drivers work.

Originally Posted by technogeeky View Post
I am using the Ubuntu 64 bit Server kernel successfully with the 185.18.10 drivers as well as the latest 180.xx drivers, although I am using Xinerama thus precluding Composite.
Thanks for the info. I am a relative newbie, can you please provide the details on how I get the 185.18.10 drivers, and how to install them.

What is Xinerama?
What is Compsite?
and why one vs, the other?

Did you use precompiled drivers with a package manager, or the .run file that needs to be compiled from the NV site?

I know how to add a ppa to Synaptic and apt.

Do I need to remove all the previous drivers manually?

Since I have been messing with the system trying to make this work, I want to be sure that I have my system in the correct state before starting an install.
What do I have to remove first?
What has to be on my system before I start?

Looking forward to your response.
Reading my response I sound like a 4 year old asking why to everything,but from experience I have learned that I will not be successful with out this level of detail. Your forbearance will be much appreciated.

thanks from
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