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Default VDPAU MythTV DeInterlacing Corruption

I have been fighting this problem several weeks. I have tried the 185.18.14 and 180.51 drivers. Both have the same issues.

The deinterlacers are leaving artifacts or corruption on the screen during HD playback. If I pause the mythTV and rewind it several minutes, then pause it again for a few seconds, the corruption will usually stop happening.

Different interlacers only change the stutter in playback or offset/delays in sound and video as the deinterlacer complexity increases, but the deinterlace errors/corruption/artifacts continue. Even setting the deinterlacer to None still produces the problem.

However, CPU usage is EXTREMELY low, which is great. The video streams being played by MythTV are 1440x1080i. Streams being played by mplayer at 1920x1080p have no issues and have very low CPU usage as well.


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