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Default Re: PSU for a GTX 260

I have upgraded from a Nvidia 8800 gt to a 260 gtx video card. The problem I am having is in some area of games my pc beeps. I think maybe the power supply may not be sufficient. I have a E6750 overclocked to 3.2 GHz , 4 1GB DDR2 800 memory, Abit IP35 Pro MB, EVGA 260 GTX video card, 4 SATA hard drives, 1 DVDRW drive, 1 PCI NIC , 6 120mm fans and an ANTEC TP3-650 PSU. The PSU calculator says I need 400w. The power requirements for the 260 GTX state 500W minimum with +12V at 36Amps. The TP3-650 has 3 rails of 12V @ 19Amps. I read that both PCI-E 6 pins on the PSU are on the same rail, so I tried connecting one of the 6 pins to a molex so I would have power from 2 rails. But I still get the beeps. Can you tell me if my PSU is insufficient for my setup? I want to know if the problem lies with my PSU or maybe a bad video card. Thanks.
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