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Default Re: VDPAU MythTV DeInterlacing Corruption

I guess the reason I call it a deinterlacer problem is because the effect on the screen is a distinct interlace effect.

I have tried both 185.18.14 and 180.51. Honestly, 180.51 works much better. I suspect this is a MythTV issue. I have been thinking that I will try and play the media through mplayer which appears to not have any issues during playback of even the most stressful media.

I will try and send a portion of the media for you to review, but remember, the only place I see issues with this is when the internal mythtv player is displaying it. Mplayer displays no issues.

I will see if I can play it though mplayer and see what results I get along with posting a portion for you to review.



Originally Posted by Stephen Warren View Post
If setting the deinterlacer to none doesn't solve the problem, what makes you think it's a deinterlacing issue?

Please post an nvidia-bug-report.

Are you running the latest 185.18.14 driver?

Does this happen on all files, or just some small subset? If just some small subset, please upload the file to the NVIDIA file drop (see VDPAU problem sticky) for analysis.

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